Hey AskTheAdmin Readers!

I had to remove temporary files every so often on a Windows 2008 R2 x64 server.  When exporting audio files from a Cybertech NTR 6.5.3 server using the bulk download tool the temp files fill up the c:\ drive. This doesn’t work for us so:

I wrote this batch file


cd “C:\ProgramData\CyberTech\MediaManager”
pause “Delete These Files?, press any key to do it or control c to quit”
del *.* /F /Q

Basically it will go to the directory listed in the first line and display a directory on the screen. If you hit any key it will permanatly delete the files and show another directory listing. If you want to abort hit control C when prompted.

You can automate this by adding it to a scheduled task or removew the pause line to require no intervention! Be careful!!