The online world has a significant presence in everybody’s life to such an extent that it is difficult to promote and market your business today without a website. However, marketing your business doesn’t stop at owning a website.

 Every website owner out there is desperately trying to conquer the world of online marketing for his/her business to achieve success and the two most effective ways in which you can do so are:


  1. Increasing the search ranking of your website through Search Engine Optimization strategies.
  2. Creating a social media presence to convert followers into potential customers.


These two tried and tested strategies for successful business operations have proved to be highly effective. Hence, if you combine the two by adopting a social media strategy for Search Engine Optimization, you will surely take your business on the high road to success.


Let us see how social media and search engine optimization can be combined to produce effective results for the success of business.


What Is SEO?


SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of altering a website in terms of its looks, content, matter, purpose and functionality to be ranked and indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Search engines are known to send out search spiders to look at content and tags within websites to provide web surfers with relevant search results. Therefore, when you “optimize” your website, you are increasing its visibility to search engines.


Website owners can undertake various strategies such as keyword optimization, backlink building, using social networks, alt tags, etc. for SEO purposes.


How Is Social Media Relevant To Your Business?


Recognition is an important factor for the success of any brand. This is mainly why you will find that every possible company today has a social media presence on major sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. These brands are thus trying to build a reputation, gain recognition, exposure and popularity for their business by connecting with their customers on social networking sites.


Social Media can be used to inform customers and potential customers about various schemes, offers, advantages, upgrades and other relevant information about the products and services your business offers. This action encourages people to purchase your product or service.


So, how can you utilize social media as an effective SEO strategy?


Combining Social Media and SEO For Effective Business Solutions


If you delve into the subject, there are quite a number of effective ways in which social media can be combined with SEO for a successful social SEO strategy. Here’s how you can integrate both the aspects to generate a power packed SEO strategy.


1.    Connect Your Website To Your Social Networking Profile


Provide your website’s visitors with the contact details of your social profile so that they may connect with you in the social zone. Include social networking icons and buttons on your website as it will encourage your visitors to network socially with you.


2.    Target Keywords


Your website’s content probably already contains specific target keywords for SEO purposes. You can use the very same keywords while posting content on your social profile. You can also include keywords in the “About Us” section of your social profile.


3.    Provide A Link To Your Website In Your Social Profile


When you provide your followers with a link to your website in your social profile, you are endorsing your website to them. This action helps you in two ways:


  • If your followers enjoy your social networking page and your website, they will share your website and social profile with others. This increases exposure for your business because more people will get to talking about it.


  • Search engines favor such social activity. They pick up website endorsements and this becomes a factor determining your search ranking.


4.    Encourage Backlink Building


When you share interesting content with your followers through your social profile, you are increasing the likelihood of your followers to share that content with their friends. You may share information about interesting offers, captivating content, relevant and resourceful articles and interesting graphics.


There is no guarantee that your audience will share it, but even if 1 follower out of 20 retweets, shares or +1s your content, that one person is likely to influence many others. When your website link is shared, this action builds backlinks for your website, which is considered favorable to your search rankings.


There are two pillars that are critical to the success of your Social SEO strategy, both of which are very easy to put into practice.


1.    Be Active on your social profile so that your customers keep visiting your page.


2.    Add Value because your customers come looking for relevant information and will be disappointed if you do not meet their expectations.


Therefore, a SOCIAL SEO strategy is paramount to the success of your business and this is not just a social experiment. Just take a tour around Google and you’ll find proof that these strategies do work.


This post has been penned by Yasir Khan, expert SEO Consultant and founder of Quantum SEO Labs, Canada. Quantum SEO Labs can provide you with customized solutions to combine your SEO and Social Media for the success of your business.