Do you know how to skip commercials in Hulu? I know first world problems are a real bitch…


I used to wonder why anyone would want to pause the commercials in Hulu. There is a pause button present after all. It turns out you can use that pause button to skip the commercials. Check out the steps below provided by eHow.

Open a program on Hulu and wait a few seconds for the initial advertisement  to start. Click the “Pause” button. Wait for the “streaming” indicator at the  bottom of the program window to fill completely with a solid gray  color.

Click at the end of the timeline. This will fast forward immediately to the  end of the advertisement. Click “Play.” The last second or two of the ad will  play, and your program will begin.

Click anywhere inside a previously viewed portion of the timeline when an ad  begins in the middle of the program. Select any part of the video you have  already watched once the ad begins to play. Then, click inside the part of the  timeline immediately after the advertisement to skip that  ad.


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