We used our review model of the PCI Express HD Video Capture Card to record video from our older video game consoles and peripherals! This is something that does not work well on the newer higher end cards! This worked like a dream. We used this with Flash Media Encoder and it worked like a charm.

For under $200 the PEXHDCAP PCI Express HD Video Capture Card enables you to capture high-definition video and audio from an HDMI®, DVI or Component (1080p) source to your computer through a PCI Express expansion slot.

Support for full 1080p video input, as well as HDMI® and RCA stereo audio makes this HD capture card the perfect solution for creating digital copies of your videos for editing and compiling. The added versatility of 3 different video inputs (HDMI®, DVI, Component), plus the ability to capture VGA input using the included DVI to VGA adapter, or DisplayPort® using an active adapter, gives you the freedom to connect a multitude of audio-video devices to your computer, quickly and easily.

This PCI Express capture card supports NTSC and PAL systems, and comes complete with an easy to use video capture software suite, allowing you to record video or take still screenshots and save them to your PC.



– This is backed by a StarTech.com 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

– This Product will not record HDCP protected content.

– Active DisplayPort Adapter not Included


We will be giving this card away when we are done recording random stuff. So if you want it – sound off in the comments why we should give it to you!