Does that screenshot take you back? Sadly it does for me. Lets take a look at our issue at hand:

Soooooo Windows XP, good old Windows XP… Sometimes it has issues with simple tasks.

Here we were trying to add a shared local printer to another machine on the domain. We can browse to it and see it via network neighborhood but when we click on it we get the error:

Operation could not be completed. Either the printer name was typed incorrectly, or the specified printer has lost its connection to the server.

When we first saw this issue we tried everything including:

  • Turing off simple file sharing
  • Checking name and IP of printer
  • Trying to publish to Active Directory and using from there
  • Adding the printer to the DC and sharing it from there

None of this worked… AT ALL! Then I had a flash back to my XP administration days and I remembered how we worked around this in the past. We had to create a local printer with a local port. In the local port name use the full path to the printer. In this case it was \\\canon. Choose your driver and away you go!

Now it will be on this page forever and ever! Good index this NOW!