This is the first post in a techie survival kit. After the super storm Sandy destroyed many people’s computers and properties we are going to look at ways to make our data always available. We will look at backup methods and little tips and tricks so if we need to recover – we can! The first post will cover exporting bookmarks from Internet Explorer 7-9. This is very easy! You can talk or walk a parent or loved one through this quickly and easily. If they are difficult we like to use TeamViewer for free personal remote sessions. We will cover Team Viewer in a later post.

Exporting bookmarks (also referred to as favorites) is useful when reinstalling the operating system on a computer or when moving to a different computer.

  1. Begin by opening the Import and Export wizard and click Next in the window that appears
  2. Select the option Export Favorites and click Next
  3. Select the folders you want to export and click Next
  4. Select  a location to export the favorites. The default location is in your My      Documents folder as a file titled bookmarks.htm. If you would      like to change this location, click the Browse button and select a  location.
  5. Click Finish to export  the favorites.
  6. You now have a file in HTML format that you can keep on a USB drive or on Dropbox. Your favorites can be recovered from here or this file can be used to get to the actual web pages. Note: this file can be viewed on your mobile device as well!