I preach backups all day everyday for over 10 years. Set it and forget it I always say…

But don’t forget about it altogether. My HP touch smart pc crapped out on me and it was holding 100gb or so of my precious moments. Pictures, videos etc… Not to mention all my tv for the week. Oh no.

It would not boot! I kept getting a blinking cursor. No windows…

I took it apart and put it back together. Reseating everything and disconnecting all peripheries

It still wouldn’t boot. I was horribly afraid I lost so many memories. I checked my windows home server. Shit! It was powered off. I spun it up and I was about a year off.

I was getting closer but I was still off. I booted the touch smart to HP recovery. I then choose windows startup recovery. It found and fixed my startup information on the partition. I booted!

I was back. The very next thing I did was run a full onsite and then a off site backup! More on that to follow.