Since Apple released the Mac, there has been a steady growth in competition and rivalry between the 2 competitors Apple with the Mac and Microsoft with the PC. Both companies have been incredibly successful with the computing devices with PC’s currently dominating the market. However, over the past couple of years Apple has really succeeded as a company and a brand. They know their style/brand conscious market incredibly well and have highlighted their sleek brand and design in all publicity whether through TV adverts, online or newspapers. They’ve reached new markets by doing this and constantly updating their products. For example, by launching new generations of the iPhone, Mac and iPod helping to diversify and increase product range. The competition between the 2 products has been publicly shown through adverts ran by Apple reaching millions in the UK alone in attempt to show that having a Mac is the new way to live enabling you to keep up to date with trends – something important for current society.
The war between the Mac and PC seems to be on going. Mac users argue that PCs are slow, inefficient and old fashioned whilst PC users claim that Macs just aren’t suitable or practical. Unbelievably now, it seems that Apple Macintosh were actually more successful when both products entered the market selling very well in the 1980s. However, Microsoft seemed to be more efficient and soon took over the world’s PC market and in 2009 was reported to have 91% market share of the operating systems market. Therefore Microsoft now dominates with the PC whilst Mac only has a mere 5% of the market. However, this isn’t to be underestimated as Apple is constantly increasing both in size and technology slowly making the Mac a more popular option.

The biggest thing to put people off buying a Mac is the price. The cheapest you can now buy a Mac product from Apple is for £849, which is three times the amount that a PC tends to retail at. When buying a Mac, you’re investing in the company, brand and logo on top of buying the actual product. Therefore this is why the Microsoft with the PC undoubtedly has the vast majority of the market. However, it does seem like Mac users are paying rather a lot extra just to be different!

The benefits of having a Mac are the fast speed connections; up to date software packages and a 10-hour long battery life. Some disadvantages would inevitably be the price and also the fact the Apple is very closely integrated as a company and doesn’t cooperate with any other companies. For example, Windows media downloads won’t work on a Mac; instead users will have to use iTunes. Microsoft, on the other hand is compatible with a wide range of companies such as Dell, hp and Sony, which helps to improve convenience for customers. They have all the generic computer system functions for a far more reasonable price. The only disadvantage is that by having a PC you’re not different. So you choose, are you prepared to pay to be different? Or will you stick with the majority of the population and go for a PC – you decide.