If you have a server chassis that will not fit your PCIe or PCI cards in it like me, then I have a solution for you!

Pci Express To 2PCI & 2PCIE External 4SLOT Expansion Bay


We had several voice recording cards that would not fit into our chassis (Dell R710 XL). Google to the rescue… We found the above external 2 port PCI and 2 port PCI-e (PCI Express) External chassis. This takes X16, X8 and all the other full, half, 3/4 size cards… You can also add 2 PCI cards into here. It still uses your system resources so make sure you can support what you add. It pays to add cards one at a time.

This saved my ass big time! It costs $519 from the manufactuer (StarTech). We found it for only $423.59 from Amazon! Check out the link below.


That link will save you almost $100 and will bring us a few dollars in the process. Help us by helping yourself :)