I was cruising around on Stumbleupon today during some down time, and came across this video from Microsoft showing how they envision our world of tomorrow with the advancements of technology. It’s pretty interesting to thing that some day we will not have computers and laptops like we do now, but our smart phones, and tablet devices will be powerful enough to replace them. Heck, even our credit cards will be powerful computers!

Not only that, but all the walls, and windows around us will be computerized as well, and can sync up with our mobile devices. Seeing the way technology is right now, I don’t think this dream is too far fetched any more. Check it out:

Some comments on the Youtube page say things like:

Technology? will kill us! – pajkica

I know I am a f***n hippie or something for all of you.. But who cares about the future of technology? We have computers, and cell phones, and we can enter? internet every moment we want, we have bluray, we have 3d.. We can communicate now with everybody! so… It’s time to talk about the future of the people microsoft..;/ – RandomProductionzzTV

While others are saying:

All I can say is that it’s awesome. I would like to live that future? :) thank you for sharing it. – wesamly

It seems the future holds technology that is incredibly intuitive, knowing exactly where the user wants it? to go, as if there are no other options. There are some interesting and exciting parts to this video, but also some things that woulde cause fear for anyone concerned about privacy. The concierge seemed to know a lot. Identity theft seems easier in the future. – citzsold

What do you think about Microsoft’s vision of the future? Flippin’ awesome? Cold and bleak? I’m curious to know what your vision of the future is. Let us know in the comments!

-=El Di Pablo=-

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