Greetings fellow Admins! It’s me, El Di Pablo from Bauer-Power and Tech Chop taking the reigns here at AskTheAdmin for a little while. I was chatting with Karl, and apparently he is working 70 hour work weeks lately, and hasn’t had time to keep up with the posts here. Me being the nice virtual online friend that I am, I volunteered to write up some posts for a week or two to give you guys some original content.

Now, today isn’t going to be one of those days though. Today, I am going to post my latest video from my monthly video show Tech Chop. In this episode I show you three ways you can send spoof emails using your iPhone, Android, and also from Linux. Spoiler alert! Sending spoofs from your iPhone or Android phone is way easier than Linux. However, since you are using the terminal to do it in Linux, that automatically boosts your geek cred by +5 and in turn makes you look cooler.

Here’s the video:

Links for the apps and commands used can be found here: (Spoofing Email For Dummies)

Sending out these spoofs is actually a pretty funny prank you can play on someone. In the video I mentioned sending one to the desktop tech that works for me, and he almost had a heart attack. He says he is saving it for blackmail purposes now, so maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. Anyway, still funny if you ask me.

If you want to check out more videos from Tech Chop, visit If you want to watch the videos on your TV using a set-top box like Boxee, or Roku, you can catch Tech Chop on the Tech Podcast Network!

Know of other tools that will allow you to send spoofs? Are they easier to use? Let us know about them in the comments!