paperWhat the hell did that title say? Reconstruct shredded paper? Yeah, that’s exactly what it said. You know those little machines you get at Office Depot to turn your banking and financial statements into spaghetti? Well, now there is a new service that easily lets you take shreds of paper from a paper shredder and scan them into your computer. You then run it through this software, and like a friggin’ jigsaw puzzle, it pieces it back together into a legible document.

This tool is called Unshredder, and luckily it’s not free. It’s sold as a monthly license subscription for $90, or an annual package where you can save a little on the monthly cost. Since this package is aimed at criminal investigators, I’m sure that cost in nominal. For the average teen hacker, they may try to find a different method of getting your info instead of dumpster diving.

From their page:

Unshredder is the first commercial document reconstruction tool in the world! A desktop software application that will put all of the pieces back together in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually. Unshredder is as simple to use as a word processor but it unleashes the power of your computer to achieve quick, accurate results. If you are a professional investigator Unshredder is an essential tool.

Putting shredded paper back together isn’t really new. When I was in the Navy, I learned that the Iranians did this to the American embassy back in the 70’s or something. They got a hundred old ladies to sit down with shredded American secret documents and scotch taped them all back together. Nowadays the US Military uses special shredders that doesn’t turn paper into spaghetti, it turns it into friggin’ confetti… Then they burn that s#!t!

Most of us at the office aren’t going to use incinerators though, but still using a shredder with cross-cut functionality is harder to piece back together than the simple spaghetti making shredders. Just some food for thought.

Know of a free tool that does this? maybe something open source? let us know in the comments!


El Di Pablo