Many moons ago, right around the time I started blogging on Bauer-Power, I worked for a company called Newland Communities. Simple enough name, but when you cram that name into a URL, it now becomes a pretty long domain name. Now add that to the end of your user name, and you have a really long email address. Try calling support with that email address, and the technician asks you to spell out your address phonetically. Needless to say, it sucked!

Well, I found a place that puts the long-ass email address I had at Newland Communities to shame. Oh, and by the way, you can get an email address with them if you like for free! The site is, and I’m not kidding here,, and they are giving away free mailboxes so you too can have one of the worlds largest email addresses!

Take a look at their selling points from their home page:

With each account, you not only get an obnoxious email address that is sure to piss you friends off, but also you get 25MB of storage. True, you’re better off with Gmail, but then again, you won’t have an email address that won’t fit into some web forms. Your call I guess.

-=El Di Pablo=-