If you find your self camping or stuck in some bad weather I have some geeky cheap gear for you to protect yourself and your gear. I can even have you lighting your stoggies in the rain. This all came about because I have been trooping through snow and ice with this winter wonderland that is New York. I have taken to protecting my gear and myself in case of any nasty incidents. I grabbed a awesome weatherproof case for my phone from Pelican, Some water proof matches and a handy little pack axe from Coghlans.


Don’t be a softie on your next boy’s trip—before you leave the comforts of your home, be the man of the group with the right gear.  Pack your bag with the latest survival essentials from Coghlan’s(www.coghlans.com) and Pelican (www.pelican.com).

Pack Axe

So this little axe feels awesome in the hands and made me think of Dexter a few times. This is so small and light weight that you can throw it in your bag or car and not even notice it. We can use this for chopping up some fire wood or freeing something from somewhere. The Pack Axe is an indispensable tool for campers, backpackers, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts who require a rugged, functional, space-saving axe. Its non-slip rubber grip is designed for comfort and it comes with a black nylon protective sheath.

Storm Matches

Ever try to light matches in the rain? How about a cigarette in a storm? These matches are pretty geeky and cool. Amaze your friends in bad weather by lighting their cigarettes. These waterproof and windproof matches can withstand immersion in water and cannot be extinguished by wind, making it the ideal match when out in harsh conditions.

i1015 Case from Pelican

The i1015 Case is the strongest iPhone case on the market. Designed for the iPhone and iPod touch, but also compatible with other smart phones like the Droid, the i1015 features a clear lid that allows users to watch videos or check playlists, and an external headphone to listen to the player while the case is closed, ensuring the device within the i1015 is always protected. This thing can be used in a storm but it can’t be submerged.  Water resistant, crush proof and dust proof makes it ideal for any nasty weather. It fits my HTC Touch Pro 2 and The Wife’s iPhone.