mbHead I watch a lot of movies. Well in all fairness I used to watch a lot more movies than I do now but I get in about 2 a week. It is always difficult to decide what I want to watch. Sometimes I check out the reviews in the papers or online but how do I know if the reviewer’s personality matches my own? How do I know if he or she like it that I will too? Well I don’t.

So now a website liked Mombo is a welcomed new comer. What Mombo does is simple. It aggregates all tweets about actors and movies and displays them on their site. Now you can choose a specific movie and hear what Twitter user’s have to say about them. The site also lets you vote on the movies on their homepage and you can find out at a glance what the best new movies are. You can use their search feature to locate a movie or actor and hear what the Twitterverse has to say about them. When you arrive at their home page this is what you will see:


On the main screen you will see the first tab which is In theaters now. These are movies that are playing now. You can see what the Mombo users score the movie and watch a trailer from this screen as well. Live tweets will scroll by about the movie and there are statistics about how many mentions a day each of the new movies are getting.

The next tab is the Coming soon tab which you can see below:


Just like on the in theaters now tab the coming soon tab also shows live tweets, Mambo ratings and how many Twitter mentions each coming soon flick has had. You can click on the little play button next to the title of the movie to play the trailer.

The next tab shows what are the most popular movies on the website.

mb3 The features stay the same and you can read the live tweets, see the statistics or play the trailer. Next we can search for either an actor or a movie in the search box located in the upper right corener of the website.


I searched for William Shatner (well I actually only searched for shatner) and was quickly shown one result:


Look who it is! It’s good old William Shatner with his Twitter handle and his follower counts. You can click on his user name to bring you to his Twitter page where you can follow him. If a movie matched your search terms it would appear below that. You can also browse the actors by scrolling up and down or clicking on a letter to bring you to that part of the directory.

Some of these people have HUGE followings and I have no idea who they are!


If we scroll down on the home page we will see lots of new movies and ratings next to them like so:


You can watch a trailer for each as well as rate the movie. If you want to rate the movie you will have to log in using your Twitter account. It will also tweet your score and movie title for everyone to see so be careful of what you vote for!


You will have to click on yes to sign in to Twitter and then you have to click on allow from the Twitter website to trust Mambo.

Then if you click on any of the trailers it will open in another window showing you the ratings, the amount of tweets as well as the stars and other pertinent information.


How do you figure out what movie you want to watch? Do you have a favorite site? Let us know in the comments!