gmail chat window updated interface

Gmail's new chat window

Hey Boys and Girls,
Commodore 64 here to give a quick heads up about Gmail. Seems they’ve upgraded their chat window to look smoother and cleaner than ever. Hopefully it will be more compliant.

I’ve been using gmail for a while, and so has my wife. In her place of work, they haven’t gotten around to updating their browsers, so she is stuck using good old IE6, which doesnt offer many options along the lines of gmail chat. Most of the features are disabled, save for actually chatting.

My hope is that they’ve given her some more features to play with…

In the meantime, i just thought it interesting to point out this slight facelift on the good old Gmail chat box.

Oh and by the way, Gmail has added some animated emoticons as well, namely the rocker dude emoticon, which you can get by typing the following characters:

\m/ x-( \m/


Commodore 64 (the one you used to play Bruce Lee on),8,1