Do you have the urge to create a collage out of your digital photography collection? Maybe you have an upcoming event that you would like to show off your images for or to create a nice sign or banner. Well now we found a very cool, tiny, easy to use application that will make your dream a reality.

Using the program’s built in options and your own images and a background you can create awesome collages in a manner of minutes or seconds.

We can start by visiting their website and downloading the application. The download is 4.79MB and once it gets installed, run it and you will see the screen below.

You can add your images from here as well as setting up your layout options. To start adding images you will need to click on the add button in the bottom left hand corner.


Once you hit that button it will bring up a normal Windows Open dialogue box. Here you can select the items you want to add to the collage. Note: You can use Control + Click or Shift + Click to highlight multiple items in one shot. This should cut down on your setup time – especially if you are using sequential images.


Once you have all your items selected hit the open button and the images will be transferred into Collage It. You will then be able to see your images in the left hand pane. There are buttons to remove one or multiple images as well as the option to clear out all selected items. This is what my photo list looked like after selecting 6 pictures:


Next we will want to configure our other settings to make our collage into our own creation. You can see the options below. They are displayed on the right hand side of the interface. You can choose to use all the photos you have selected or just a specific number of pictures. If you have more than the selected amount the images will be chosen at random.

Spacing tells the application how much room should be between images and the margin is how much space to leave on each side of the collage. You can set the images to auto rotate and to what degree on the auto rotate section.

You can also enable shadows and frames around the images with the checkboxes below.


And then we can set our background by hitting the background button located at the bottom left hand side of the application. That will bring up this screen:


You can set the background to just use a gradient fill, top to bottom or left to right. You can use a solid fill or an image. If you use an image you can set the opacity of it or in layman’s terms the ability to see through the image. When you are finished hit the OK button.

Now we want to see what we made, right? So go ahead and hit the preview button at the bottom of the screen and let’s see what we have:


That was the collage that Collage It spat out at me and you can also save it as a JPG when you are happy with it. There are people’s collages posted on the Collage It website as well for you to check out and get some inspiration from.

In the past I have covered other collage applications including Shape Collage.  But what collage apps do you prefer?  Let us know about them in the comments.