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Prank Powder Decepti-Candy – Deviously delicious candy

If your images were on you'd see Prank Powder Decepti-Candy - Deviously delicious candy

Four tubes of colorful powder candy. Such pretty names, too, like Sweet Pixie Dust and Ultimate Unicorn Sprinkles. Completely harmless sounding so anyone will gladly eat them. Then they will learn the dark secret. First, the colors don’t match the flavors (red is lemonade, yellow is cherry, etc.). But that’s not all. One is super sour, one foams in your mouth, one stains your mouth a color, and one does all three. Why? Because candy is dandy and pranky is swanky. Oh, and they taste great too, so that part isn’t a prank (but it may stop folks from hitting you in revenge, so it’s good).