Hey folks,
Have you ever been completely annoyed by people asking you questions that they could have totally answered on their own?

Most people don’t realize that a well formed web query is just as good as asking the right person the right question at the right time. Google, for most people, is just that person. Some of the more complicated queries actually do warrant your newb friends to ask you for a good set of query terms, even using the more advanced search modifiers.

But most of the questions I have to field during my day to day are questions that could have been easily answered, had the person asking put some thought or effort into it. Questions such as “what’s the url for ask the admin?”

We all know that’s a stupid question. Ask The Admin prides itself on being very search engine friendly, especially when looking for the site itself!

Enter Let Me Google That For You, or more easily LMGTFY.com. This nifty little service allows you to perform the search for your friend or colleague who just cant form the words together themselves. But instead of giving your dear friend a fish, so to speak, you’re actually giving your friend a fishing pole. You’re basically telling them, “You could have googled this yourself, look how simple it could have been for you. You could have completely avoided bothering me during my busy day.”

So, to answer the question above “What’s the url for Ask The Admin?”

browsing over to http://lmgtfy.com/?q=asktheadmin.com yields a search page resembling googles.

Except now, when you search , it provides you a tinyurl, which you can send back to your inquisitive friend rather than the url of the actual search result.

Click to see sample results here

Nifty right?


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