lenovo ideapad hybrid tablet laptop u1

I-Pad Killer? Image courtesy: Engadget.com

Hello Boys and Girls,

It seems other companies aside from Apple are putting their thinking caps on and breaking all kinds of molds. There was a mold. Apple didn’t exactly break the mold for tablets, as shown in this nifty diagram. All they did was scale it up. An overgrown cellphone won’t last very long in today’s market.

Enter Lenovo.

From the looks of it, Lenovo has broken a mold. They have combined two mainstays of the hardware industry; tablets and netbooks, and combined them into this one nifty unit that has a detachable, wireless touchscreen, full size (by today’s standards) keyboard and a FULL OS!

The Lenovo name, to me at least, suggests some premium price point. But I know for a fact that other companies will follow suit. Maybe they won;t have detachable screens like this Hybrid Lenovo U1 pictured, but I’d be happy enough for a $400 tablet with a full OS. Wouldn’t you?

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