Chinese Hackers keyboard

Chinese Hackers

Hello Kiddies,

Do you remember the good old days when hacking was done for fun? Back in those days anybody that knew Linux or Unix was considered a Hacker. One would think that since then, antivirus companies would have actually become effective. But what one company can compete with a whole country? To make matters worse, who can compete with multiple countries full of young hot heads venturing forth for the almighty dollar? That’s a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Since a hacker doesn’t technically require a whole lot of bandwidth to do what he/she does, internet access of any kind

Here at Ask The Admin we are committed to being sure every one of our readers is in the know. And while we cant really offer much in the way of a sure-fire killer app that can protect you from anything, we can offer you these few points of advice.

  1. Keep your antivirus software up to date
  2. Use a well known anti virus software, and do some research before purchasing
  3. Be well versed with all the functions of your antivirus software, so no surprises come your way
  4. Though it does slow you down, schedule full system scans as frequently as daily
  5. Leave your computer turned off if you can
  6. Lastly, try to use an OS other than Wind Blows (as we like to call Windows around here). If your a hacker its only more logical and profitable to target the statistically dominant OS, which is Microsoft’s unfortunately.

That’s all for today kiddies…

Has you or anyone you know been directly affected by this? Even if your just afraid and need a little encouragement, drop us a comment below.

This is Commodore64 signing off. Over and out.

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