Keeping up with the upgrading process over here at I just finished upgrading to 2.9.1. I backed up my database and did the automatic upgrade via my WP-Admin console as you can see here:


2.9.1 comes out about three weeks after the official release of WordPress 2.9


Bugs that came to bite Bloggers and Webmasters in the ass are now fixed including problems with scheduled posts and pages on some web hosts.

Scheduled posts would not be published at the time configured by the user but appear as missed in the list of posts forcing the webmaster to reschedule and hope for the best or to publish it manually.

There are 23 others fixes that are listed in this ‘minor’ upgrade. Five of the bugs listed have been rated high while the majority received a normal rating. Several updates fix installation and upgrade issues that webmasters might have experienced.

You can use the automatic upgrade feature or download WordPress 2.9.1 from the official WordPress website.