Sure it has been a while since our last giveaway – and they all can’t be $1000+ computers right? Yes you should be kicking your self for not entering that! But I digress…
Today we are giving away a nifty commercial application that normally costs $60. It is called Audials One and it allows you to capture ANY audio that you can hear on your computer. You can rip songs from Blu Ray or DVD’s. It is billed as a professional media converter, organizer & player.

You can grab a track right from a audio stream.  Audials One will save the track to a MP3 that you can then listen to offline, burn it to a cd or throw it on your iPod. The application also has a built in search feature to scour the Internet for specific audio bytes and to top it all off it doesn’t care one bit about DRM or any other SILLY copy protection scheme.

You can actually play a DRM’ed track on your machine and magically strip it off when you are saving it as a MP3 – you can learn more via their tutorials here.


As I said before we have 5 copies to give away so step right up and enter our contest all you need to do is leave a comment on this post as to why we should give it to you. Be funny, be witty and this might just be yours. The publisher also told me if we see a lot of comments and tweets we can up the number to 10 or maybe even 20. Let’s see how much you guys need this..

A comment will get you one entry, tweeting about the contest will get you 2 entries (tag it #AskTheAdmin) and blogging about the contest will get you 3 votes.

The contest will go for one week from today! So get your entries in, starting NOW!