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Apple's New I-pad Disappoints

With the release of Apple’s shiny new I-Pad many enthusiasts were left wondering “What’s it for?”

This inherent identity crisis on the part of Apple’s new toy might or might not break it, since the price point resembles that of the original I-Phone. We all know how that turned out…

It doesn’t quite measure up to other tablets in any major arena : processing power, hardware, upgradability, versatility, and the list goes on.

I can imagine the disappointment to be largely due to Apple’s strong history of unveiling devices that re-pave the way for particular gadgets we’ve all used and loved – the cellphone and the MP3 player.

The question here is “What is being innovated?”.

I’m not sure even Mr. Jobs completely understands the specific direction for this device

Asus will debut their new EEE Tablet PCImage courtesy:

Enter Asus. Another example of a company that has positioned itself to be known for innovation, minification, and basically answering the call of the wild market. I’m sure this device will be everything the I-Pad is not, and because of the price point set forth by Apple, I’m positive this little gadget, once polished, will be just as affordable.

I for one, will definitely be in line to pick up one of these tablets.

Let us know which device you think will accomplish what the Apple didn’t. And to be fair, let us know what the I-PPad does actually accomplish, or what need you think this pretty gadget fills – In The comments!

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