We were lucky enough to have HP send us a HP Mini 5101 net book to play with. It has followed me around everywhere for the last month. I used a Mobile Broadband Card provided by Verizon for my Internet access and connectivity. I have been able to remote desktop into all of my servers, surf the web, connect via VPN to my corporate network, easily use Skype for speaking to my daughter via the built in Camera and Microphone.


This little guy weighs about 3 pounds putting my 4.3 pound tablet in it’s place (Docked at home). But some of the features of this 1.66 ghz Atom Processor toting machine are very impressive.

The machine is made from metal and not plastic meaning it is rugged. It is scratch proof and has a water resistant keyboard (which is almost full sized), it has a hard drive protection scheme which allows for the hard drive to be locked if it falls – protecting your data (Not the computer!)

So a ruggedized net book in a home with a 2 year old how did it hold up you ask?

Very well! She absolutely loved it. She did try to touch the screen a lot but she has gotten used to touch screens so she can not be faulted! She drooled on it without any issues – she also could not pick off the keys which are recessed making them more resistant to dust and what not which is great for many reasons. This thing is very durable and I didn’t put a scratch or dent in my adventures with it.

As an added bonus it looks like my day job is going to be grabbing a few of these guys for our sales reps being so cheap and all…

Here are the specs of the mini I had:


Price as reviewed
$425 (Can be found for ~350 now.)

1.66GHz Intel Atom N280

1GB, 800MHz DDR2

Hard drive
160GB 5,400rpm

Mobile Intel 945GM Express

Intel GMA 950 (integrated)

Operating System
Windows XP

Dimensions (WD)
10.2×7.1 inches

.95-1.1 inches

Screen size

10.1 inches

System weight