DrvBKHead I HATE reinstalling drivers! I like to create images and burn them to disk. These images contain the machines operating system and drivers, But this is not always possible and in a sticky situation it is better to have a backup then not to have a backup. By using this small portable application called DriverBackup2 you can export your drivers and save them to a cd, dvd or pretty much anywhere for easy reinstallation.

Let’s see how this easy program can help us backup our drivers.  I downloaded the 320kb RAR file and unrared it/ Then I double clicked on the DrvBK.exe file and was ready to rock and roll. Below you will see a screen shot of what your directory should look like after extracting the files.


Upon running the application a window will come up. Don’t be alarmed that it says No devices found…. Check for administrative privileges first. This is normal as it starts querying your machine. You can see at the bottom of the window it is already searching and getting to know your system’s devices.



You can select which items you want to backup or select everything and do a full backup. After clicking the Start Backup button you will see this screen.


Hit the browse button to select your path to backup to. For this instance I am putting it on my external second hard drive. I choose Make New Folder and continued.


I hit OK and then Start Backup…


And then it was done… Almost instantly!


I hit OK and then attempted to restore my drivers…

I hit restore from the main menu and got this window:



I opened the file and hit blamo all my drivers were listed. And restoring was as easy as clicking Restore!

Do you have a tool you use or another method of backing up your drivers? If you do – please share them with us in the comments!