I previously wrote an AskTheAdmin article about a tool I created called SaveMyData. This tool uses several utilities to export your important data (Passwords, Serial numbers etc..) to text files. Saving you the tedious time it takes to do this stuff manually.

Well AtA… I finally made SaveMyData2.0 !! It adds some cool new features:

  • Outlook AutoComplete addresses (in text file and a data file for import later on..)
  • Office Templates (it is nice to save those custom letterhead word templates you’ve made..)
  • Outlook Signatures
  • Windows Activation Files (use it after format to bypass activation)
  • Windows Network Connections (VPN, Dialups, PPPoE connections)
  • Wireless preferred networks profiles (Backup and restore after format)
  • After you run the tool it creates a Backup folder in the root of your drive and save all the files inside it.

Some antivirus programs report that some of the utilites in use are “password stealing tools” so it is advised to temporarily disable it for proper running of the backup process. Think about it for a minute if this worries you – wouldn’t you want to know if someone ELSE was running this on your machine? Thought so :)

For Vista users: You should run the tool as an administrator. I haven’t tested it otherwise.

download from www.yaronmaor.net or directly from here.

if you have any suggestions for extra features or find any bugs – Let me know in the comments :)


Yaron Maor