That’s right boys and girls Microsoft has an awesome offer on the table and it appears it has been around for more than a month. AskTheAdmin reader and contributor Peter Diamond put me on in an email last night. Apparently Microsoft wants YOUR feedback on how you can use their services to evaluate their products and in return you get access to lots of Microsoft resources like Beta Support, free downloads of new software and loads of tools.

Of course you have to be serious about the program and submit your Full Name and contact information. You need to participate in giving feedback on the program and letting MS use it in a online post.

Users just text messaging Matt an email address will obviously be rejected. We know how much AtA readers LOVE giving out personal information – But, this could be your leg up in the evaluation efforts of new software evaluations like Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 – hell there is even support for Vista. What are you waiting for?

Just the TechNet Plus Subscription usually costs $350 find out more about TechNet here –


You can find out more about this IT Momentum Program Here:


All Microsoft wants for your free enrollment in this IT Momentum Program is a little feedback so they can write a blog article on how people are using these resources and if and how they help them. A small price to pay for all this support and help! I just signed up… What are you waiting for?? Tell them sent ya!

Here is how you go about signing up:

Email or please contact one of my teammates (U.S. TechNet Presenters) tell them that you want to be a part of the program and that you are willing to share you experiences with them! I just signed up and got my invite how about you?

Peter also sent us this link – It is a site dedicated to help you THRIVE as an IT Professional. Check it out.

Enjoy and go be productive young admin! Every dollar counts in this horrible economy!

[UPDATE for 3/3/2009] If you sent Matt a note requesting consideration but didn’t bother to send me your full name or more than a subject line of text to get into the program then your email was deleted.  Sorry folks, this is a professional program not a text message from your phone and I will not guess at your name.