So, it’s the last day before the weekend, and you need to catch up on some sleep… You can’t wait to hibernate in your bed this weekend…

Then your boss smells your happy unproductive weekend plans on you and pulls this crap..

His tasks were nothing creative and I will have to stay in the office late just to do thousands of repetitive moves (copy, switch windows, paste then click a button…blah blah blah!)

Before you run to refill that coffee maker, install this freeware program Macro Maker.

So here is the deal, with this program you can either record your moves so you can repeat them later, or you can simply insert a couple of actions from a drop down list.

After you are done define a trigger which can be by pressing a keyboard button or on a schedule.

You also get to define number of times for that action to be repeated (in this make sure the last move is a preparation for the next one so you won’ t end up repeating yourself).

Now all is done and the (CBRSo) Coffee Beans Rights Society are happy, but hey don’t give all your tricks away – don’t tell your boss how you did it…let him wonder about it the whole weekend ;)

See, a geek can be your best friend..and they are good in bed 8-]