The Firefox add on IE Tab solves this problem, though with a continued frustration. With IE Tab you can embed IE in tabs and see web sites as they should be seen. Just click on the IE Tab icon, and the rendering engine switches to IE, while you remain in Firefox. For sites regularly visited, their URL’s can be added to the

IE Tab Site Filter. Neat, but I found myself frustrated with having to frequently add URL’s to the filter. (Go to the IE Tab options, check the enable box under Site Filters, then add URL’s as necessary.) After adding a URL to the site filter, each time you visit that site Firefox and IE Tab will automatically display that site, and all of

its pages, as if in IE Explorer. But you will actually still be in Firefox with all of its benefits.

Frequently adding sites to the site filter is a time consuming step I wanted to eliminate. Then, one recent morning, it struck me how simple this was going to be. I went to the site filter, deleted all those URL’s and added *.* as the only filter. Voila! The best of Firefox and IE together in one place. Now all the foxes are happy. And, by the way, if this slows my computer it isn’t enough for me to notice it. Pages still appear more or less “instantaneously” on my DSL connection.