HP MediaSmart Server EX485 AskTheAdmin.com

We have covered more than one Windows Home Server articles in the last year and that is why we were honored that HP let us review their new WHS before the rest of the world even knew it existed. If you missed our initial review of its older brother you can check that out here and here.

The new box is running a Celron 2ghz Processor with 2gb of memory. We also have 2 750GB SATA drives that are easily expandable via the easy access hard drive bays on the front with an additional two slots.

Now you can use your two drives seperately or as part of an array or as a mirror. But get this you can selectively mirror folders or files on two drives and not others. This is a great use of ingenuity as you can mirror your important files and save space by not mirroring your temp files or some other crap. Nice!

We have an eSata port on the front and 4 usb ports for even more expandablility.

The older model was also able to aggregate all your iTunes libraries across your network but this guy can now grab playlists as well as act as a central Time Machine backup location (MACS Only). This is great for restoring the wife’s MAC Book Pro after she nukes it!

It has a 10/100/1000 Gigabit ethernet adapter as well as Wireless capabilites to connect to your network. How about remote access to your internal clients? File sharing? Automagical backups for PC’s and MACS?

This is a sweet box at a sweet price. And the revisions keep getting better and better, because they listen to their users. More and more HP has become a better company than DELL and has far better support than they ever have.

Is anyone else seeing this??