Written by Jeremy Moskowitz of GPanswers.com

Sunday, I went and saw the most amazing thing ever. Since I used to live in Delaware, and now live in Philadelphia, I finally decided to go out and see it for myself.

That’s right: the world championships of Punkin’ Chunkin.

For the uninitiated, Punkin’ Chunkin is a competition to see who can launch a pumpkin the farthest. The basic categories are: Centrifugal, Air Cannon, Catapult and Trebuchet. 72 machines in all in this year’s competition. Yowsa !

I took some pictures, and got one amazing video of (what I think was) the most interesting device there. You can check out my pictures and the one video here:


You can see the official website here, including rules and other videos. Or get

“Flying Pumpkins — the Movie!”


The winning shot this year went more than 3,000+ feet — into the wind!

If you can’t have a good time at Pumpkin’ Chunkin — you can’t have a good time anywhere. You should go. It’s weird. It’s fun. It’s hurling pumpkins using machines. It’s like Mythbusters Live — with real people and real pumpkins!

C’mon !!

And, as usual, while I’m not thinking about work, I end up thinking about work.

The history of this thing is neat: it started out innocently enough. A couple of farmers in a field and a little bragging rights as “payment.” In other words, they started small.

And so can you. I know lots of people who are basically afraid of GPOs. And for good reason. They can be dangerous if not used properly. Kind of like hurling 12 pound pumpkins from a trebuchet or an air cannon. Used well, they’re both lots of fun!

So, here’s some advice if you’re just getting started with Group Policy (so you don’t blow your network apart like a blown-up pumpkin):

(1) Use an offline test network: Don’t think that the Group Policy Object action you WANT to have happen is always GOING to happen. Make sure it works FIRST in a test lab before bringing that GPO over into production.

(2) Read the Explain text: The policy settings’ explain text is your best friend. In recent years, it’s become more and more accurate. So, read first, test second.

(3) Have others validate your work: Just because it “looks right to you” doesn’t mean the “goal” has been attained. Have others double-check your work to make sure what you’re doing is accurate.

(4) Start small; don’t go overboard: This is the biggie. When people catch “GPO fever” it’s common for people to “go a little crazy” and go a little overboard.

PS: If you blow up your pumpkin as it comes out of your machine, they call it “Making Pie.” Don’t be the guy (or gal) who makes pie out of your network.

Written by Jeremy Moskowitz of GPanswers.com