Who hasn’t gotten an E-mail from “friends” warning about something crazy or ridiculous? Normally these messages asks you directly to forward it to a number of people.

Just remember one thing before spreading the probable hoax – Since marketing a lie isn’t much better than making it. The most simple lie can be devastating to someone’s life (Imagine someone spreads your child’s photo as a missing kid, everywhere you go with him people will hold you till the police arrive!).

Investigate those E-mails using a reliable websites first. You might try searching the issue in snopes which will tell you if it was true or false or even undetermined. Some E-mails tell you to check a website which is not legit, or might mix some true with lies in hope you will not notice. Let’s take the old Microsoft and AOL will PAY YOU for forwarding this message – upwards of $100 per forward! WOOT!! Now if you type in some of the text from the message into Snopes you will get back this page.

Explaining that IT IS A HOAX! It’s not REAL! Stop propagating this crap!! Dig?

If you don’t wanna bother yourself to check then don’t bother forwarding it (skipping is still better then spreading false information).