I have been super busy with all of my projects lately – not to mention my day job and my family! But here is the round-up you have all been waiting for.

I finally got to put some faces with the good people over at HP at the Sheraton in Mid-town. They were showing some of their new lineup including touch screen pc’s,  affordable digital picture frames and some awesome new machines. There were a couple of NDA’ed machines as well.

I also got to see the revised HP 2710P Tablet that is now the 2730P Elitebook – let’s just say it has ALL the things in it that we were missing in the 2710p. It now has a touch pad and a scroll wheel! FTW!

These HP products keep getting better and better… Do you know why? Because they listen to the people that actually use and recommend their machines unlike some other companies. Yes we are looking at you DELL. We still don’t have that tablet you were going to send us to review – it has been over a year hasn’t it??

Oh well back to the daily grind but if someone wants to grab me a birthday present (Oct. 4th) I will not refuse the 2730p! :)