We got this message from A 8525 user named DarkShadows:

I am at a loss. I uploaded my videos from my 8525 (which play fine on the phone) to save space. But they will not play on my windows machine. I am trying to play them using Quicktime.

Two types of extensions are present mp4 & 3gp. the 3gp plays in Quicktime but the mp4 doesn’t play. I downloaded VCLan and it played them but with no audio, which is present when it is played on the phone. The Mp4 gives me this error message: Error -2401: an invalid sample description was found in the movie.

Any ideas? I got this wicked video of this chick from last weekend. Hook me up!

We sure do DarkShadows! And this one is a really easy fix! The MP4 file that windows media is producing is not actually a MP4 file format AT ALL! It is actually a 3GP file and if you simply rename your files extension from MP4 to 3GP it will work.

That’s all you have to do.

No really, unless you want me to give you some busy work to go along with that! :)