A Firefox extension called RSS Ticker turns your Firefox live bookmarks into a scrolling RSS ticker. Thats right! You wind up with an amazing bar of scrolling RSS goodness. The RSS Ticker sits below the status bar and shows your live bookmarks as they are updated. Almost every thing about RSS Ticker is customizable, like placement of your feeds, update intervals, number of feeds shown, scrolling speed,width, etc.

That’s right no more waiting to go check out the AskTheAdmin.com RSS feed – get updated information ASAP! I know this may stop some of you from dropping by the site as often – but to make our readers quality of life (tech) a little better we will risk it!

If you check your feeds any where as frequently as I do this will do wonders for you! Now your browser will check your feeds without interrupting you.

RSS Ticker is a free download for all platforms that can run FireFox. Awesome app Chris! Keep up the amazing work. [ChrisFinke]

And if you haven’t noticed that character is from a new cartoon strip called Being Five that we are syndicating at the bottom of any AtA page!