fiber, asktheadmin, networkSo it turns out there is a second Internet for the real important people behind our technological advancements. And today they have hit record breaking speeds of 100 gbps. Researchers are predicting that it will hit 10x that in the near future. We all ready knew Asia was light years ahead of us, bandwidth wise – but if we have the technology for it, how can I get connected at 100 gbps??

How does that make you feel? Stop drooling… It wont help you with your Bangbus or “Dental Assistants Gone Wild” torrents, it is actually reserved for people who actually do the stuff you can’t comprehend. Nuclear physics, super computing permutations and searching for Santa Claus. (maybe you can comprehend, who are we to judge?)

They need to be able to shoot their data between universities, Evil Fortresses, and research facilities.
How do I apply to have my Porn um social science research projects accessing this line? Does it get to the real net? Or is it just a transport? We need to know! Anyone out there have access to this line? Know more about it? C’mon share it with us – we won’t tell anyone :) We Promise. (fingers crossed) Well back to our measly little10mb fiber optic connection :(

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