space trip people floatingThats right. I just saw over at Sharper Image – for $3500 you can buy a trip in a shuttle to experience weightlessness via Zero Gravity from their info:

ZERO-G has established a relationship with the Sharper Image Corporation to exclusively market and sell seats on its public flights. Beginning May 15, 2007, reservations for seats on the ZERO-G Experience™ will be made available through Sharper Image’s 187 specialty-retail stores, their monthly catalog and The ZERO-G Experience, which includes a flight of 15 parabolas, flight suit, complimentary merchandise, awards, a post-event party, photos, and a DVD of the flight, is offered at a price of $3,500 per seat.

Anyone want to sponsor me??? Happy Floating!

Here is a link to the company Zero-G’s Website and their FAQs!