Helooooooo There out in Internet land. My great Tmobile rep just dropped off my Wing:

HTC Wing TmobileI like it but I am not in love with it. Here is the scoop:
HTC Wing TmobileOverall it seems like the dash’s big brother. This is the first time I am using WM6 with the touch screen. My dash has been on Smartphone 06 for a while now so I have gotten used to most of the wow factor from built in voice command, contact and messaging filtering – Filtering contacts as you go as you type either names or numbers is a-mazing! Touch screen is nice, as well as the bigger keyboard but the size hurts. POP3 sync can be put down to 5min which is great compared to previous versions (for those still not using push)

HTC Wing Tmobile
I cant throw this in my pocket like my well scratched up dash

Ten Takes on T-Mobile Wing From Gizmodo. The T-Mobile Wing is on one hand, another HTC smartphone with that same old HTC form factor. On the other, it’s the first Windows Mobile 6 Professional phone on this side of the pond…either pond.

So what did the media think about the Wing? Hit the jump for our Frankenreview: where we mix together the best of Mobileburn, LAPTOP, Boy Genius Report, CNET, Pocketnow, PCMag, Mobilitysite, infoSync, PCWorld, Engadget and, of course…ourselves.


While the device is still a bit hefty, at 169g (6.7oz), the form factor is a bit less monoblock in shape. The front and back faces of the Wing have been slightly sculpted in an effort to thin the device out and improve the feel of the phone when held in the user’s hand.


…the Wing [is] perfectly suitable for e-mail hounds and Internet junkies. But when you’re outside of Wi-Fi range, you’re left with T-Mobile’s occasionally spotty EDGE network, which delivers relatively slow data rates of about 100 Kbps.


Obviously the biggest selling point is that Windows Mobile 6 Professional is loaded right on.


Disappointingly, the new operating system didn’t bring any major enhancements to Windows Media Player Mobile. And once again, unlike the other carriers, T-Mobile does not offer a music or video service to get new tunes or clips. That said, the player supports a number of popular audio and video formats


Windows Mobile 6 Professional also comes with the full version of Microsoft Voice Command 1.6. That means you get voice recognition and text-to-speech features. Some of my favorites are the ability to read incoming text messages and email subjects into my Bluetooth headset, as well as announcing incoming callers by their name … you can also speak commands to the…There’s no need to record voice tags, the software just recognizes plain speech automatically.


The Dash makes do with the less-capable WM6 Standard OS, no touch screen or stylus, and a smaller (but more accessible) keyboard. On the other hand, it’s slimmer and lighter than the Wing and packs in the same CPU and Wi-Fi. It also costs less. We still prefer the Dash with Windows Mobile 6


The lackluster processor is my only true complaint. I am sure that a faster processor would have me complaining about the battery life though. Most of the applications I through at it ran speedy and without hitch.


The only time we saw a real hit to the Wing’s performance was switching between landscape and portrait mode, which can take a couple of seconds.


The Wing lasted for the full 10 hours that marks the ceiling of the PC World Test Center’s battery life evaluation. Its performance thus matches…our most recently tested top performers.


…if you’re a T-Mobile customer, if you’re willing to plunk down this thing is kind of a no-brainer.


So all in all the hardware’s been improved with minor–but noticeable–changes, and the software’s been improved with major and definitely noticeable changes. Is it worth it for you to upgrade if you already have an MDA? Yes, if you really want the benefits of Windows Mobile 6.

Mark Wilson

Seems like a solid upgrade, but nothing “new”.